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A Brief Report As per guidelines of Ayush Mantralaya, Government of of India, on the account of 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY). School has organise various competition and events according to given schedule. Student of class 1st to 12th actively participated in various activities in supervision of our teachers some of events are- Talk on Yoga by Yoga teacher Mr. Vikas Patel, Nukkad Natak, Meditation session for staff & Students Surya Namaskar, Human Pyramid, Rhythmic Yoga Workshop for Mother also organize in school premises. Some competition also organised in school premises like Painting, Poster Making, Slogan Writing Essay Writing Quzzez, Debates Paper Bags Making, Yoga Logo making, Clay moulding of Yoga Posture. A beautiful song performed by music teacher Miss Seema Vishwakarma with class 12th students “Chhule Gagan ko Bharat ne Bhari Udan Hai”. Math’s teacher Mrs. Beenu Pandey organised events like Chess, Sudoku, Puzzles for student of class 3rd. An informative skit performed by Samriddhi, Sanskriti, Ujjwal, Soumya Singh etc of class 6th student in guidelines of Hindi teacher Mrs. Renu Singh. A workshop for mother also organized in which Principal Mrs. Archana Pandey address the mother with theme “A Healthy Life with Healthy Diet and essentialities of Yoga in Daily Life”. As the evidences event’s photographs are attached here.
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Admission Open for Class-11th
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Parent –Teacher Meeting for classes Nur to Class 11th concerning Annual- Examination 2021 will be held on 16/03/2021. At 10:00 am- 12:00 noon.
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PCS Wishes you Happy Mahashivratri
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Annual Examination Scheduled from 22 March to 26 March 2021